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The goal is to create exclusive and unrepeatable events, completely tailored for our customers according to their needs and desires.


Planning a wedding begins long before the day of the ceremony.
And that day you will have to live it with the certainty that everything will go as you planned.
• The location
Especially in the mountains, whether you choose a Refuge or a Restaurant. Each location has its own essence.
• What style do you prefer?
Romantic, mountainous, elegant.
Traditional or informal. Different atmospheres but in tune with your tastes.
• The layout and details
What color are the flowers? What music will accompany the party? And the photographs and the videos, and the children…
I will take care of every aspect of the organization, up to the supervision of the event.
I will be ready to resolve any impediment to let you live your perfect day peacefully.


My approach

My goal is to give a personalized and professional touch to all our projects.
I appeal to couples who want a personalized, elegant and unique service.
My strength is the ability to manage an event based on the characteristics, image and values required by the couple.
I am sustainable, I have a strong problem solving skills, an accurate organization, an experience in managing any event that leads me to have excellent feedback from our customers.


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